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Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage
Preserving the natural patrimony is the most inexpensive and efficient environmental economics. The term natural heritage derives from the French "patrimoine naturel", the totality of natural assets, including those of historical, cultural or scenic beauty. It give us understanding the importance of natural environment: where we came from, what we do and how we will be. Our lives are connected to the landscapes of our daily lives, as well as we keep the memories of places we went. The destruction of these landscapes cause irreversible environmental damage, and are an insult to our memory, causing loss of quality of life.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UNEP Green Passport: Holidays for a Living Planet

Holidays for a Living Planet

The Green Passport Campaign is an initiative firmly rooted in the move to accelerate a global shift towards sustainable consumption and production. The Campaign builds on the need to improve the tourism sector's efforts to communicate with tourists on sustainable tourism through campaigns on sustainability issues. The intention is to unlock the positive power of demand by raising tourists' awareness of their potential to contribute to sustainable development by making responsible holiday choices. The Green Passport website has been developed in English, French, Greek, German, Portuguese and will be soon available in Spanish and Chinese. Its hardcopy version was launched in English and Spanish. Brazil was chosen to be the first destination to implement the 'Green Passport' on the national level. Other national Green Passport travel guides have been implemented in South Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador and French Overseas Territories. The Campaign is available for national adaptation and dissemination by new partners. Please contact us for further information:

Brazil as Green Passport first destination.

Download your Green Passport at UNEP Green Passport website: