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Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage
Preserving the natural patrimony is the most inexpensive and efficient environmental economics. The term natural heritage derives from the French "patrimoine naturel", the totality of natural assets, including those of historical, cultural or scenic beauty. It give us understanding the importance of natural environment: where we came from, what we do and how we will be. Our lives are connected to the landscapes of our daily lives, as well as we keep the memories of places we went. The destruction of these landscapes cause irreversible environmental damage, and are an insult to our memory, causing loss of quality of life.


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

China National Renewable Energy Centre - CNREC


China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) is the national institution for assisting China’s energy authorities in renewable energy (RE) policy research, and industrial management and coordination. CNREC will research RE development strategy, planning, policy and regulation; coordinate, regulate and implement industrial standardisation; keep track of the development trend for RE industry and technology; push the establishment and improvement of the system for RE technology and product testing and certificating; implement, monitor and assess national pilot projects; manage and coordinate international and regional cooperation etc.
CNREC’s establishment is an important part of the Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme, a joint effort between China and Denmark which aims a developing the RE technology and the capability of the authorities to manage the rapid development for renewable energy in China.

 The mission
  • To conduct comprehensive policy, strategy and planning research, in support of national and regional governmental decision-making, and as a service to the renewable energy industry
  • To conduct research in the field of RE industry establishment and development, as well as implementing public systems for standardisation, testing and certification
  • To manage and implement national energy demonstration project, taking the responsibility of program design, call for proposals, supervision and assessment of implementation
  • To initiate, coordinate, monitor, and analyse national and international key demonstration and development projects in order to systematise experiences for the benefit of policy decisions and the wider sector community
  • To capture national and international sector data for analysis and provide research-based information services on renewable energy matters to stakeholders and users nationally and internationally and thereby act as a hub for international exchange and collaboration in the field of RE policy research
  • To carry out extensive international exchanges and cooperation and assist in the management of the international renewable energy cooperation projects


As a think tank and knowledge centre, CNREC will become a state-level non-profit institute with high reputation in RE field through development of excellent research tool and methodology; and as the business supportive institute for the RE industry, CNREC should, through capacity building activities, develop into a comprehensive service force, creating collaboration among industry, education and research in the field of RE, in order to push the development of the national RE industry in a healthy and constant manner.