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Natural Heritage
Preserving the natural patrimony is the most inexpensive and efficient environmental economics. The term natural heritage derives from the French "patrimoine naturel", the totality of natural assets, including those of historical, cultural or scenic beauty. It give us understanding the importance of natural environment: where we came from, what we do and how we will be. Our lives are connected to the landscapes of our daily lives, as well as we keep the memories of places we went. The destruction of these landscapes cause irreversible environmental damage, and are an insult to our memory, causing loss of quality of life.


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Revenge of the Electric Car: on DVD January 24th

In 2006, as many as 5,000 modern electric cars were destroyed by the major car companies that built them. Today, less than five years later, the electric car is back… with a vengeance. 
In his latest film, following the release of Who Killed the Electric Car?, director Chris Paine takes his film crew behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM, the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors, and an independent car converter named Greg “Gadget” Abbott to find the story of the global resurgence of electric cars.
Without using a single drop of foreign oil, this new generation of automobiles is America’s future: fast, furious, and cleaner than ever.

Following a theatrical premiere in October 2011, REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR will be released by Docurama Films across Cable VOD, digital and DVD platforms on January 24.

REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR follows the race to be the first, the best, and to win the hearts and mind of the public around the world. We watch as these cars are developed from a concept into a working product, and see the car makers themselves struggle with the economy, the press, each other, and the car-buying public.

The film follows the electric-car renaissance through the eyes of four industry pioneers:

Bob Lutz – “Mr. Detroit” – Former Vice Chairman of GM

After losing faith on the EV1, GM designs the Volt, GM’s newest electric car program. Bob Lutz is convinced that technology can win over the public, but the challenge is winning them over after the backlash GM suffered during the recall of the EV1 in 2000.

Carlos Ghosn – “The Warrior” – CEO of Nissan

Carlos Ghosn believes electric cars can be affordable and mass-marketed, but is also realistic about what is at stake. Although he is taking a huge risk and gambling with billions of dollars and thousands of jobs, he introduces the Nissan LEAF, which he believes will bring recognition and a huge return for the company.

Elon Musk – “Rocket Man” – CEO of Tesla Motors

Founded in 2003, Tesla Motors is Silicon Valley’s answer to Detroit. Headed by dot-com entrepreneur Elon Musk, the company produces electric cars with big expectations, but struggles with the realization of how expensive and stressful it is to put automobiles into production. While at the brink of failure, Musk must decide whether his investments and loans will pay off in the long run.

Greg “Gadget” Abbott – “The Outsider” – Independent Converter

In the last couple of years, Greg Abbott has converted numerous cars from gas power to electric at his warehouse in California. After a devastating fire burns down his warehouse and destroys his cars, he must start over and rebuild his life.

Narrated by Tim Robbins, the film features celebrities and politicians including Adrian Grenier, Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Favreau, Anthony Kiedis, Talulah Riley, California’s Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, and Phil Bresden, former governor of Tennessee. The film also features interviews from industry analysts  and columnists including Dan Neil of The Wall Street Journal; Thomas Friedman of The New York Times; Ray Wert of; Owen Thomas of Vallewag and Michelle Krebs of

The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won Best Documentary at the Environmental Media Awards. It was also an official selection at Silverdocs, Starz Denver Film Festival, and other international film festivals.  The film makes its TV debut in April 2012 on PBS.

REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR is directed by Chris Paine; produced by Jessie Deeter and P.G. Morgan; executive produced by Stefano Durdic; written by P.G. Morgan and Chris Paine; edited by Chris A. Peterson. The DVD includes deleted scenes, celebrity interviews, Tribeca Film Festival Panel with Elon Musk, Dan Neil, Carlos Ghosn, actor David Duchovny, and Chris Paine.

Pricing:                  $29.95 US
Runtime:                90 mins. + extras
Rating:                   PG-13
Catalog #:              NNVG 262651
Language:               English
Color:                    Color
Audio Format:         Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Genre:                   Documentary