Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage
Preserving the natural patrimony is the most inexpensive and efficient environmental economics. The term natural heritage derives from the French "patrimoine naturel", the totality of natural assets, including those of historical, cultural or scenic beauty. It give us understanding the importance of natural environment: where we came from, what we do and how we will be. Our lives are connected to the landscapes of our daily lives, as well as we keep the memories of places we went. The destruction of these landscapes cause irreversible environmental damage, and are an insult to our memory, causing loss of quality of life.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The natural resource that never ends.

 Now attended to the repair of oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Live and in real time. Very impressive technology and precision of the robot operator to control their movements in waters as deep and turbulent, in full season of hurricanes in the North Atlantic.

  This surreal image is also leaking oil pipes BP, like smoke rising from a chimney underwater. This scene is the best translation of technological and environmental challenge we face. The dilemma of living with the environmental risk that the "black economy" - based on oil - is, at the same time with all the technological development that the same "black economy" provides to humans.

   From the robot submarine to the broadband transmission to the computer on which I watch repair, and write for this blog. Everything within reach of curiosity and understanding. The same reasoning that makes me believe that the "green economy" based on the search for alternatives to renewable natural resources, eventually creating a very strong reliance on technology, because now we will not have the ease of a natural resource with wide applications as as is the case with oil.

  This dependence on technology put to the test another extraordinary and abundant natural resource: our own creativity and knowledge. And just imagine a scenario in which oil definitely not economically viable for us to take the innovations already required to demands for such economic environment. We can say that the more imagination we spend now, the better the economy in the future.

  When the world economy to become "green" is like a transition phase, which is necessary to end all kinds of predatory human nature, and especially in relation to another human beings.

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