Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage
Preserving the natural patrimony is the most inexpensive and efficient environmental economics. The term natural heritage derives from the French "patrimoine naturel", the totality of natural assets, including those of historical, cultural or scenic beauty. It give us understanding the importance of natural environment: where we came from, what we do and how we will be. Our lives are connected to the landscapes of our daily lives, as well as we keep the memories of places we went. The destruction of these landscapes cause irreversible environmental damage, and are an insult to our memory, causing loss of quality of life.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Dear reader,

For the economist John Maynard Keynes, the political problem of mankind was to combine economic efficiency, social justice and freedom. Keynes, who was a contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi, was born at the same time when electric light was invented by Thomas Alva Edson. All of them were very bright, without a shadow of doubt. The economics of Keynes, social justice of Gandhi and technology of Edson, kick off the incomparable century we arrived to the Moon 

The economy was at the root of all conflicts of the twentieth century, the worst that humanity has faced. Always has been and will be present in all human conflicts. From Edson´s Lamp to Armstrong´s moon. From "Laissez-faire" to Low-Carbon Economy.

Our next challenge will be forever linked to the development of clean technologies to ensure sustainable development with social and environmental responsibility, social justice and freedom.

In the twenty-first century, besides taking care of mankind, human beings will also be responsible for taking care of the planet and other species. The new environmental consciousness profoundly transform our society and human beings, and thus all humanity.

With this new awareness will be as if we were all looking for the first time to our own planet: Earth. Now is our turn to reciprocate the care of millions of years of evolution.

Good reading. 

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